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App Features

Product list, Advanced search, Online purchase, Purchase history, Product gallery, Favorite product list, Push notification

About the App

United Fashion is one of the biggest fashion groups in the region, and the official representative of brands like Benetton and Max Mara, in Serbia. They tasked us with building their Benetton e-commerce platform for web and mobile. The Benetton online store has thousands of articles and a number of categories and filters.

The Challenge

Providing adequate storage for such a large, fashion-oriented, company. Also, we had to make sure the storefront was easy to navigate for the user, but at the same time, we had to create an admin side that would give the owner full control to organize categories, filters, sales and promotions, recommendations, etc.

Our Approach

United Fashion decided to go with our custom e-commerce solution. We have over 7 years of experience in e-commerce and the custom e-commerce platform we developed is a perfect example of that. Our e-commerce platform is an all in one solution for all things e-commerce. Our enterprise solution has a custom design, multi-channel options, B2B capabilities, multi-country, store and currency options, API support, and so much more. On top of that, we also offer a mobile app that has the same capabilities as our web platform. In short, it is the ultimate e-commerce solution that has worked extremely well with so many of our clients.


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