Operating System Choices

Dedicates server hosting gives you the ability to install the operating system that best suits your business.

Server Configuration

Dedicated servers offer administrative access to install and configure any software programs required for business operations.

Control Panel Options

Feature-rich control panels make it easier to run and manage your server and web applications together.

Why Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting works for small and large businesses alike. Most business strive to grow and when they do, their website visits grow as well.

Your Website on Cloud Nine

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualized server that is typically hosted in the datacenter of a private or public cloud infrastructure provider. Cloud infrastructure is so powerful and reliable that huge numbers of small, medium, and enterprise businesses are taking their production workloads to the cloud. One of the significant appeals of a virtual private server is the cost-effectiveness of operating a server in the cloud. Cloud computing is designed from the ground to be fault-tolerant, redundant, and highly available.

Why VPS Hosting?

1. Cost Savings
2. Improved Rellabillity
3. Security
4. Simple Licensing
5. Fully Managed
6. Enhanced Performance
7. Guaranteed Resources
8. Scalabillity

Who is Managed Web Hosting For?

Limited IT Experience

Not all business have an IT department with staff experienced in hosting. Business with popular websites can benefit greatly from managed hosting because of the reliability and security they get with experts in the field.

Limited Time to Dedicate

Sometime business do have their own IT department, but they are just more needed in other areas of the business. Managed web hosting, gives business the opportunity to deploy those resources where they are most needed.

Let’s get to work


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