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App Features

Tax News, Tax Calendar, Push Notifications, Tax Calculator, Netto/Brutto Converter, Country Localization

About The App

BDO Group is one of the largest auditing and consulting networks in the world. They exist in over 160 countries and territories and employ over 80,000 people in 1, 600 offices. BDO is known for providing exceptional service for its clients and is one of the most trusted auditing and consulting companies. BDO tasked us with building their app that will allow them to serve their clients even better.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was creating notifications that target only a specific group of people. Each user had to have the ability to login and receive notifications for specific modules.

Our Approach

We solved this problem with Firebase SDK for both Android and iOS. We targeted users in multiple ways; we created special topics, but we also stored tokens for each user. Users would subscribe/unsubscribe to/from a specific topic and that enabled us to send notifications to individual users, or a group of users.


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