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Our Story

Our story began in 2007, when our company was established under the name Web Solutions, offering ground-breaking web solutions and online marketing services to big and mid-sized companies. Fast forward four years and Web Solutions joins forces with a company called Media Services to form a corporate company called Cubes. Today, Cubes is an industry leader offering full IT support. From web to mobile development to education and outsourcing, Cubes is truly a one of a kind company.

Cubes started out with a goal of combining all IT services in one place. We wanted to offer our clients quality products at a reasonable price. To accomplish our goal, we adapted the vertical integration strategy that allows us to control each aspect of our business process. The big advantage we have over other IT companies is that we educate our own employees. Cubes formed a school that has, so far, successfully produced 5 generations of web and mobile developers. In fact, most of our employees today are Cubes School graduates. “Cubes School” is a project we are very passionate about, and extremely proud of. It allows us to not only contribute to Serbia’s economy, but also have an endless supply of extremely intelligent and hardworking developers, which is what differentiates us from other companies.

Our Philisophy

Our clients, partners and employees are the center of our business. Our team works hard to ensure our clients’ success, because when our clients succeed we succeed. Transparency and open communication guide our every step throughout the entire process. We care about establishing a long-term relationship with our clients, which is why we focus on giving our clients exactly what they want and need to improve their business.

Our Model

As mentioned before, Cubes School is what really gives us an edge over our competitors and is also the core of our business model. We educate over 200 new programmers each year, and we keep the best 100 on retainer to work on our projects. Some of them are outsourced to other companies, while others work on in-house projects. While many IT companies deal with a shortage of quality programmers, we always have more than enough available talent to work on our projects.

Cubes offers a wide variety of services. We offer everything from “off-the shelve” generic solutions, to custom tailored solutions, as well as educational services, digital marketing services, and outsourcing. As part of our “off-the shelve” products we have developed an Online Shop, a News Platform and an ERP for merchandise transactions. Our tailored solutions are a full package for your business. We will take care of everything from web and mobile applications development, to CRM integration, as well as FinTech solutions (depending on your industry), all in one place.

The Founders

Cubes is all about people.

Miodrag Lapčević


Aleksandar Stanojević


Aleksandar Dimić

Web Team Lead

Marko Dragonjić

Mobile Team Lead

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