Reasons for Cubes

We put our clients first and we offer the best value for their money. The combination of labor costs, high quality service, location, and our amazing team makes Cubes the only right choice for your business.

Labour cost

If we compare our trained and educated IT experts to those in Western Europe and the US, the quality of product remains the same, while the cost of making that product drops significantly when using our experts. While IT experts in Serbia have higher wages compared to other industries in the country, when you compare those wages to those in Western Europe and the US, they are significantly lower. There are undoubtedly cities all over the world that offer their services for even less, and where the workforce is even cheaper. However, if we compare actual costs and overall working achievement, Belgrade is at the very top, and therefore the best choice. Lower costs without jeopardizing the quality of the product.


Like we said before, we care about transparency and open communication. Our main goal is to understand fully what you are looking for, and then deliver. Harmonization and communication are key for a successful partnership. There are often concerns when outsourcing that what the client is looking for will get lost in translation due to language barriers, and sure enough that does happen sometimes, but not with us. Thanks to a very rigorous education system in Serbia, everyone is required to study a minimum of two foreign languages starting from elementary school. English is mandatory for everyone, and most people also master French, Russian, German, or Italian, depending on the school they went to. On top of that, Cubes employees all have various certificates that attest to their knowledge of English or any other language.

Respected Schools and Universities

Engineering and Computer Science are highly respected and valued fields in Serbia, and Eastern Europe in general. The talent and creativity of those who graduate from technical universities is almost legendary. Belgrade, a city of over two million people, has three technical universities that produce around 15, 000 graduated professionals per year. Furthermore, being the center of all political, business and cultural happenings, Belgrade constantly attracts experts from other parts of the country.


For centuries, Serbia has been trying to maintain a delicate balance between East and West. The culture of our working population has stemmed, before all, from values and ethical principles of the European Union and the U.S. Walking the streets of Belgrade, you may hear humor and music, see art or taste traditional Serbian food. Most of all, you will experience Serbian hospitality that creates an atmosphere enjoyed by people from all over the world. Business culture itself is not an exception.

Time zone

Serbia is in the same time zone as that of Western Europe (+/- an hour), which allows for perfect coordination of daily activities and meetings with our European clients. As far as US is concerned, the time difference for the East Coast is six hours. That makes overlap with our clients possible, at least for a portion of the day, so the clients can always check in on the progress of ongoing projects.


Our innovations are driven by necessity. We use most of our innovations in our own daily operations because they were developed based on our needs, and the needs of our clients. A great example of that is the custom News CMS we’ve developed for Serbian news outlets. We constantly invest in our team to give them the right resources to come up with unique solutions and technologies. In an industry filled with unreliable third-party bolt-on products, and “me too” companies that are happy to follow the status quo, our solutions are completely customizable and managed to fit the needs of our clients.

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