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App Features

Task Management System, Time Tracking System, Invoicing System, Placing Orders with Suppliers, Document Management System, Chat

About The App

“Vaktemster” is a powerful software for janitorial companies. It combines all necessary processes and organization tools in one app to ensure swift communication between janitor companies and their employees, as well as janitor companies and building managers. Building managers can easily report building problems and get assigned to repairmen that will fix their problems, and janitor companies can easily assign tasks and track orders, within the app. “Vakmtester” approached us to bring their idea to life, and We delivered big time on this one!

The Challenge

“Vaktmester” came to us with many challenges. The complexity of the app challenged us on a daily basis so the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got upon delivering the final product made us extremely proud. Some of the biggest challenges included structuring the database, reports, system automation for invoices, and creating a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Our Approach

We had to make sure we fully understand every possible scenario and function necessary for the app to run smoothly, without confusing the user. For example, one company is doing maintenance for a few buildings, while one repairman is only in charge of only a few of those buildings, not all. In other words, the division of tasks and the assignment of those tasks had a lot of various conditions and rules we had to map out before building the actual database. Furthermore, we had to create reports of time spent on the job, invoices that had to be delivered and tracked automatically upon service completion and finally, we had to enable smooth functioning of all data across all platforms in real-time through SOA. In other words, we made sure any changes made on one platform, instantly reflect on all other platforms as well (Web, iOS, and Android).

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