Naxi Radio


Mobile & Web Design and Development (iOS + Android), Deployment, Maintenance

App Features

Radio station list, Favorite radio station, Internet radio player, Bluetooth connectivity

About The App

Naxi Radio is the #1 most-listened-to radio station in Belgrade. It is a true leader in innovation counting many firsts in its industry. The first Radio morning Show, talk segments, Naxi camera to monitor traffic jams and so on. It is also the first radio company in Serbia to introduce a digital platform for radio – “Naxi Digital”. Naxi Digital has 18 radio stations that give users a wide variety of music genres to listen to. Naxi is not only the most successful radio station in Serbia, but also one of the most recognizable brands in the region, and they chose us to help them stay innovative.

The Challenge

“Naxi” gave us a very interesting challenge for their radio app. We built both iOS and Android versions of their app, but they also said they wanted to build an app that can work on your car exactly as it does on your phone; giving you the ability to shuffle through songs and radio stations through your car’s controls. The task may sound simple, but it turned to be challenging due to limited support for car apps on the market.

Our Approach

The big problem we had to solve was the absence of Android Auto and Apple Car Play in the cars built for the Serbian market. We had to come up with an alternative solution for our client’s request. The problem was solved by using ExoPlayer and mobile Bluetooth connectivity. Although not the ideal solution it was the best that we could do given the circumstances. The idea for further development is to build apps for Android Auto and Apple Car Play, once introduced to the Serbian car market.

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