Moja Zgrada


Branding, Mobile & Web Design and Development (iOS + Android), Strategy, Deployment, Maintenance

App Features

Chat, Video and image upload, Survey management, Comments & Reviews, Advanced search, Placing Orders with Suppliers, Personal Expenses management, Internal job advertisement

About The App

“Moja Zgrada” is an app that helps tenants connect with building managers and repairmen. Tenants can easily report problems, and view lists of available repairmen in each field i.e. plumbing, electricity…Tenants can also view repairmen profiles, their reviews, and their field of expertise. Furthermore, the law requires each building to have a licensed building manager. Therefore, “Moja Zgrada” also acts as a bridge for tenants and building managers. Building managers can easily communicate with all tenants and send group notifications instead of going to each tenant separately. They can also organize mandatory meetings, view all buildings, and all requests in one place, making it easy to stay on top of things. “Moja Zgrada” tasked us with creating their brand identity, mobile, and web app.

The Challenge

This app is somewhat similar to our Vaktmester project, so our experience with “Vaktmester” was of great help for “Moja Zgrada”. The big challenge here was creating a good UI/UX design because this kind of app was the first of its kind in the region. That meant we had to educate the user on how to use the app, which was no easy task considering the fact that older generations, who just learned how to use smartphones, are the ones owning apartments. So how do you create an app that’s easy to use for someone who barely knows how to use a smartphone? You make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Our Approach

Simplicity was key for this one. Our client made it clear that this app was not meant for the tech-savvy, so we created a very visual design with lots of illustrations describing app functionalities, as well as clear call-to-action buttons, and headlines. Furthermore, we made sure to structure the app so that we guide the user through every step of the process, making it easy for them to file requests and find repairmen. When doing research for this product, we found that people are often skeptical when it comes to using apps that hire people they’ve never met, especially repairmen. Repairmen have a very bad reputation in Serbia, so people usually hire them based on recommendations. That’s why we created repairmen profiles with reviews and rating features to help reassure those reluctant users.

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