Maxi Online Shop


Custom e-Commerce solution, Mobile & Web Design and Development (iOS + Android), Deployment, Maintenance

App Features

Product list, Advanced search, Online purchase, Purchase history, Product gallery, Favorite product list

About The App

Ahold Delhaize hired us to build an online store for their supermarket chain “MAXI”. We developed our own custom e-commerce platform that we’ve implemented for them, both on web and mobile. Ahold Delhaize is one of the largest food retail groups, serving more than 50 million shoppers around the world, each week. We were honored they entrusted us with their MAXI brand.

The Challenge

Considering the size of the brand, one big challenge was the fact they had over 140,000 different products in-store. All those products had to load quickly and have sales and discount options. Furthermore, they also required bank integrations and existing SAP integration.

Our Approach

Cubes developed an e-commerce platform for large enterprises, with integrated plug-ins, API support, and completely customizable product categories, discounts and so much more. We proposed our e-commerce solution to Delhaize, and they loved it. Our solution gave them everything they needed and so much more. They had the freedom to organize their products, create sales, discounts, and coupons, track inventory, manage availability, analyze results and so on. On top of that, because our platform is so flexible and powerful, we were able to easily integrate it with their existing SAP.

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