Cubes School


Branding, Mobile & Web Design and Development (iOS + Android), Strategy, Deployment, Maintenance

App Features

Chat, Blog, Video Upload, Comments and Reviews, Push Notifications, Material Downloads

About The App

Cubes School is an online platform for IT courses. Initially it was designed to help students attending traditional classes, with recorded lessons stored on the platform, however, it has since involved to also include online courses available for purchase. The platform completely mimics the real school curriculum. It is quite literally a digital school. Through the platform, students can: communicate with the professor and each other, view lessons, review homework, track progress, receive notifications, and read about the latest industry trends on the blog.

The Challenge

The Cubes School app was created as a supplement for our web platform. It was designed to give students the ability to view their lessons wherever they want. The challenge was creating a simple app that will reflect our complex web platform. Furthermore, we had to figure out how to make video lessons available in offline mode and have them be encrypted.

Our Approach

UI/UX design was key for the Cubes School platform. We wanted to make a clean, easy-to-use app for our students, so we decided to remove all unnecessary features from the web platform. Sometimes less is more, and that was the case with our Cubes School app.

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