News CMS

We developed a CMS specifically tailored to fit the needs of news portals. It is simple, optimized, and equipped with all functions necessary for news outlets.

Print newspapers are a thing of the past. The more technology evolves, the more newspapers find it hard to sell their print. Millions of people all over the world seek out their information on the internet daily, and newspapers have realized this, which is why they are shifting online. In fact, some have even abandoned their print versions entirely. We were approached by one of Serbia’s largest news magazines, and they wanted us to make a custom news portal for them. Taking their requests into consideration, we developed a complete info portal tailored to their needs, which has been in use for several years now. Today, informative news portals are one of the easiest ways for users to access relevant information, no matter what part of the world they are in.

After our success with the first news magazine, we were approached by several others as well. Working with all of them gave us enough experience and skill to develop our custom news CMS. Cubes offers a complete portal development process that includes design, content management systems development, a responsive user interface, mobile apps development, and any other custom feature our clients request. Our highly qualified development team is here to provide custom solutions for all your requests. We are here to help you grow your business, and your brand by helping you stand out from your competitors. Your success is our success, and we care about long-term partnerships, which is why we monitor everything even after implementation.

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