Content Management System

Once we implement our custom CMS for your business, you won't even need us anymore. It is that good!


Imagine your website is a car. Each time you’d want to add any improvements to your car, you’d have to go to the mechanic, ask for new parts and then pay for those parts. With our CMS solution, you are the mechanic, and everything is in your hands. You can update all content on your website independently without any IT knowledge. We offer an intuitive CMS that allows you to make any changes to your web page with just a few clicks. It is simple and efficient. Most of our clients don’t even use the video manual we provide.

Not all CMS’ are created equal. Not only is our CMS compatible with every website we ever created, it also allows the client to change specific features of their website as opposed to just content. Not every CMS app can do that. With our CMS solutions you really become the master of your online presence. Using our drag and drop CMS tools, you can change the position of elements, the navigation structure, add or remove animated slides, insert markers and social network widgets. Our CMS gives you complete flexibility. Simple is powerful!

“Why we can confidently say
that we are the best!”

WYSWYG and File Manager

The process of adding new content is simplified to the max by using WYSWYG. It allows users to edit their content and to embed it to form the content of new elements like pictures, maps, video objects, embedded social network objects and so on. Users are also given the possibility of organizing all the embedded files via file manager.

For faster content editing, the CMS has an integrated fast search that works by using logical operators and date limitations when searching through the archive.

CMS users can post all new content automatically on social media networks, as well as add new content to the RSS feed. It is also possible to define the status of every piece of content – verification pending, active content, stopped, archived, deleted.


Multimedia content occupies a special place in the CMS. When entering any content the user can always add more:

  • Audio materials
  • Documents
  • Video materials
  • A picture gallery or pictures
  • Google maps
  • Embedded elements from social media networks

These CMS features enable posting all kinds of documents for download in various formats (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .xml, .xls, .zip…).

Multiple Languages

Our CMS supports multiple languages, so CMS users are allowed to add new languages for their website at anytime. After adding new languages, new forms for new languages will automatically appear. The CMS also supports Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and enables setting one alphabet as default. All content added in one alphabet is automatically transliterated into the other.

Picture Galeries

We worked hard on making it easy for our CMS users to add a picture gallery as content. Simply by dragging pictures and dropping them into the gallery, the user can automatically add a picture gallery as content.

Defining Privileges

CMS enables defining privileges and rights for every piece of content. Defining privileges is also available for each individual website section.

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